9 August, 2017
It with with great pride that the Crosby Lab announces Don has attained the venerable status of Philosophiae Doctor of Biology. Congratulations Don!

9 May, 2017
The Crosby lab extends a hearty congratulations to Jake for being accepted into the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry!

27 April, 2017
Jake defended his undergraduate thesis work at the annual Biology Department undergraduate thesis colloquium.

5 April, 2017
The Crosby lab would like to proudly congratulate Don for winning the Faculty of Science GA Excellence Award!

16 March, 2017
Don has secured himself admission to University of Western Ontario's Law School, the Crosby lab stands behind him as he wraps up his Ph.D. tenure.

10 February, 2017
The Crosby lab is pleased to announce receiving a NSERC ENGAGE grant in partnership with BioCella and The Crawford lab!

February 2017
The Crosby lab was successful in aquiring an Ontario Centres of Excellence Voucher for Innovation and Productivity I grant, furthering our partnernship with BioCella.

4 November, 2016
The Crosby lab happily announces successful aquisition of a renewal of the Ontario Research Fund grant in conjunction with our University of Guelph, University of Western Ontario, and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada partners on the Phaseolus research project.

7 September, 2016
The Crosby lab welcomes Jake Bender, its newest member beginning his undergraduate thesis research.

22 May, 2016
The Crosby lab is proud to congradulate Seth for winning the Dr. Michael L. Petras Memorial Scholarship!

31 March, 2016
The Crosby lab in Collaboration with Frederic Marsolais' lab at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has published a paper entitled "Genomic Analysis of Storage Protein Deficiency in Genetically Related Lines of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)" in Frontiers in Plant Science.

22 March, 2016
The updated Crosby lab website was rolled out. Stay tuned for news updates!

16 February, 2016
Crosby lab engaged in a collaborative venture with BioCella and the Crawford lab, funded by NSERC Engage!